1. Ownership of the online audiovisual service

Sybila Producciones SA Corporation (hereinafter called Sybila Producciones) situated in Plaza Italia N133 Street in La Plata city, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, zip code 1900, is the owner of the contents of the products and services that are offered in the portal. The domain names throughout which you had accessed to the portal cannot be used in connection with other contents, products or services that do not belong to Sybila Producciones and by no means may mislead the Users or cause Sybila Producciones’s discredit.

1.1 Purpose

The present Disclaimer contains the conditions of use that regulate the access, navigation and use of the Portal, as well as the responsibilities arising from the request, use, provision and/or hiring of products and services that, if appropriate, may be offered, as well as the integrated contents, and without prejudice that Sybila Producciones can establish particular conditions regulating the request, use, prevision and/or hiring of products and services that, if appropriate, are offered through the portal.The mere access to the portal, the filling of forms, the sending of information requests, consults, suggestions or complaints, the execution of contracting offers, and in general, any act of similar nature to the aforementioned performed throughout formularies, e-mails or another existing means of contact in the portal will imply that those navigating the portal will be considered a User, and must accept the unreserved acceptance of all and each of the regulations in this Disclaimer. Consequently, every User must carefully read and know the content of the present Disclaimer. The request, use, provision and/or hiring of products and services, the fact of being used and/or being asked for by the User will imply, also, the acceptance, without any reservation, of the particular conditions that, if applicable, have been established to the effect, and which will be an integral part of the present Disclaimer.


The access to the portal by Users is free of charge and use, except when the User decides to subscribe to any of the online audiovisual products offered in the portal. Also, the request, use, provision and/or hiring of products or services that, if applicable, may be offered by Sybila Producciones can be subject to prior observance of formal requirements, such as the filling of the corresponding form, payment of costs or fees and/or the previous acceptance of the particular conditions that may arise from its application. Sybila Producciones offers a right of limited access to the content of this portal, whenever you comply with the conditions of this agreement. The audio-visual or photographic material available in this portal is for private use only. The services offered are only accessible for clients subscribed to any of the services of Sybila Producciones. By subscribing as client in the Sybila Producciones portal, you agree to the terms and conditions listed below in the section of invoicing modalities for paid service. The incorporation to the portal of information referred to products or services offered by Sybila Producciones has informative, advertising and commercial purpose, these last ones, when the User decides to contract the service of Sybila Producciones online portal in any of its modalities. The visitor or User of the portal has to accept the general terms and conditions of the service hiring to be considered User and beneficiary of the contents that are internally contained in the portal and which are accessed by each User using their User name and password - personal and non-transferable data. The User will be responsible for providing true and legitimate information, guaranteeing the authenticity of all the data introduced to fill the pre-established forms to accede to products or services in question. Shall, as a result of the registry, the user be provided with a user name and password and/or other similar means of identification and authentication, it is committed to make diligent use and guarantee the confidentiality of such means. Consequently, the Users are responsible for the suitable safekeeping and confidentiality of any identifiers and/or passwords that are provided by the holder and administrator of this service, that is to say, Sybila Producciones, and they are committed not to cede its use to third parties, either as a temporary or permanent form, nor to allow its use to unrelated people. The use and/or contracting of products or services offered in the portal by any third party using a particular identifier and password provided to the User, due to a no-diligent action, voluntary cession or loss of the same by the User without notification to Sybila Producciones, will be exclusive responsibility of the User. Accordingly, the User is obliged to notify Sybila Producciones immediately of any factor that allows the unauthorised use of identifiers and/ or passwords, such as theft, loss or unauthorised access, in order to proceed to its immediate cancellation. Shall such incidents not be notified, Sybila Producciones will not be held liable for any responsibility that may arise from the illegal use of the identifiers or passwords by unauthorised third parties and any request, use, provision and/or hiring of products or services will be considered as made by the User itself, being this one, consequently, the only person responsible for these acts. The access, navigation and use of the Portal and, if applicable, the use or hiring of services or products that are offered through it is done under the only and exclusive responsibility of the User, and it commits to observe diligently and faithfully any additional instruction, given by Sybila Producciones and related to the use of the Portal and its contents. Likewise, the User commits to use the contents, products and services in a diligent, correct and legal way, in accordance with the current legislation and, in particular, to abstain from: using them with purposes or effects against the law, the morals, social norms that are generally accepted, or public order and the instructions received from Sybila Producciones. Using them with harmful purposes against the legitimate rights of third parties. Causing damages in the physical and logical systems of Sybila Producciones, its suppliers, partners or third parties; Introducing or spreading viruses on the net or any other physical or logical systems that are capable of causing significant damages. Using the contents and products and, in particular, the information of any kind obtained through the portal or the services to forward advertising, communications with direct sale purposes or any other type of commercial purpose, unrequested messages addressed to a variety of people independently of its purpose, as well as abstaining from commercializing or disclosing in any way this information and contents in total or partial form. Shall the Users have the possibility, through the Portal, to participate in chats, forums, open pages or other means available for the active participation in the Portal, through the sending of declarations, opinions, commentaries, pictures, videos, etc., it is expressly prohibited for the Users, through that means, to make manifestations or exhibit symbolisms of illicit, criminal, racist, xenophobic, discriminatory, or pornographic character, that may make vindication of terrorism or violation of human rights, or that in any other way may go against rights or dignity, privacy, honor or image of third parties, other Users of the Portal, threatening youth or childhood, the order or the public security. Sybila Producciones reserves the right to delete all those contributions of Users that violate the previous prohibitions or that, in opinion of Sybila Producciones, were not suitable for their diffusion on the Internet. Sybila Producciones will be able to prohibit the access to the Portal straight way, without the need of prior communication, to any User violating any of the prohibited or limited conducts in this Disclaimer.
Specifically, shall a User try to make a unauthorised use of the accessible online material in the portal or to download offline part or the totally of the material, or fail to comply with the established conditions of use of the service, Sybila Producciones reserves the right to cancel the subscription of this User, without prejudice to the corresponding legal actions that it may impose.


You are responsible for keeping your account of Sybila Producciones, identifier and password secret and you commit to inform Sybila Producciones of any illegal use of your account.

• You are responsible for the exactitude of your personal data, including your address, telephone number and email. Sybila Producciones informs by email to its members and clients of the changes that take place in the website, the rates and also the special offers. Sybila Producciones may not be held responsible if the client does not receive the informative e-mails due to an error in the direction of the electronic mail or technical failure of any type related to the internet network, its provider or any software error external to the simple availability of the service and its contents under the hiring conditions of the online audio-visual service.

• The use of this page is at your sole risk, that is to say, that Sybila Producciones is not responsible for the losses arising from the use of any of its services, software, material, video or audio files, contents or communications. Nor it is responsible for problems caused by the bad operation of telephone lines, computer, or Internet connection. In addition, Sybila Producciones does not accept any responsibility for delays, errors, omissions, transmission problems, theft, alteration, destruction or unauthorised access to the communications with its registered members or clients.

• You are the only responsible for any information that you publish, expose or send (by mail) to Sybila Producciones. By sending that information to any of the public areas of Sybila Producciones, you are granting Sybila Producciones and its users, perpetual, irrevocable, nonexclusive, worldwide valid rights to copy, authorise, distribute, expose, reproduce, transmit, modify and edit that information in public or in any mass media.


You can consult the updated prices in the general information page

~ Price Consultations ~ 

The payment of any of the Sybila Producciones services provide access to the contents and services, and it is made securely through credit card, Dinero Mail or bank transfer. The access to the contents of the portal is guaranteed whenever the payment has been correctly carried out by the User. Sybila Producciones reserves the right to cancel any account of any User who demonstrates an illegal or fraudulent use of the material, its content or services. Shall the User complete - or not complete - the form and not to continue with the payment of the services in any other of the offered modalities, Sybila Producciones will be able to block the User access to its portal Sybila Producciones for a period of time deemed necessary. By acquiring any of the Sybila Producciones services through Dinero Mail, you are accepting our general terms in addition to the invoicing policy described by Dinero Mail: In order to see in detail the terms and conditions of the payment method, click the following link:

~ Terms and Conditions of Third Parties ~ 

In addition, you accept the following general terms and conditions of payment: The payment is made with credit card, bank transfer or Dinero Mail. The payment of the different modalities guarantees the access to the material for the duration of each one of them. The selected modality is the one of the complete portal, the payment of all the portal is made in a unique inscription fee that will can be done, in this case, by means of Dinero Mail, payment by credit card or bank transfer (for Users within Argentina’s National Territory). All the discounts offered in the biannual or complete services are subject to a single payment of the modalities mentioned. Sybila Producciones reserves the right to, at any time, modify the prices, establish new fees or offer special promotions, among other actions, after announcing it in the website, during a reasonable period of time and informing the members by email. People registered to Sybila Producciones will be subject to the following terms and conditions when using credit card: Dinero Mail guarantees you that any transaction made with your card is completely secure. Nevertheless, neither Sybila Producciones nor its media partners are responsible for possible situations of improbable fraud produced by these methods of electronic payment, putting all the responsibility in the credit card used and in the transaction method by which the payment offered by the corresponding banking company is made. In the case of a loss, fraudulent use, theft, or any other adversity, disagreement, displeasure or similar circumstance, the fees and total amounts already paid will not be refunded. Nevertheless, the team of Sybila Producciones will always try to offer a satisfactory solution by means of provisions of the service that adapt as well as possible to the user. The User may always terminate the service at any moment prior to the following invoicing without any type of penalty. The complete portal may, occasionally, be subject to a test period, if properly announced in our main page as part of a promotion. Shall you decide to register after the free test period, you will have to do so during a minimum period stipulated in the inscription pages. Once this term is complete, you will be able to cancel your inscription at any moment you wish to. The amount to be paid for any of the services of the Sybila Producciones portal neither includes neither the VAT nor any other similar tax. By accepting the payment, you implicitly accept that we include the corresponding taxes with the amount of your purchase.

In the case of the purchase of the portal for a period of 6 months or 1 year in a single payment, the user will be able to request the return of the amount paid within 5 business days after the purchase of the chosen plan. The cost of the downloadable contents, videos and audios if applicable, will be deducted from the premium services amount, since they are downloadable contents of immediate consumption. The amount to be deducted in the case of a return of the premium services will be that of the current product value, except the published percentage of commission deduced by Dinero Mail depending on whether it is the six months or one year plan, respectively (direct and indirect taxes and bank commissions aside). Sybila Producciones reserves the right to cancel any return of an acquired product with indications of having been copied, reproduced or illegally distributed, harming the rights of intellectual property and the bases of good use of this service, expressed in this agreement.


Minors must always request and obtain permission from their parents, guardian or legal representative before filling in any form, sending information requests, consultations, complaints, submission of hiring request or proposals and, in general, any act similar to the previously mentioned made through the forms, electronic mailboxes or other means of contact present in the Portal. Unauthorised minors are prohibited from performing any of the proceedings described in the previous paragraph, or any other ones of similar nature, from which may arise the establishment of a professional or commercial link with Sybila Producciones or the provision of personal data. Sybila Producciones understands that from the moment in which a minor gains access to the Portal, he has the permission of his parents, his tutor or his legal representative. As legal person in charge of the minors, you must consider that the contents and services integrated in the Portal are directed to a wide audience and therefore there may be certain areas or sections that could incorporate contents or services that are not appropriate or prohibited to minors. The access to these areas will be prohibited for minors under the age of 18. Sybila Producciones reminds all the adult Users, who are in charge of a minor, that they will be exclusively responsible for the determination of what contents and/or services are appropriate for children under that age. Regarding that information sent by minors under the age of fourteen, it will be an essential requisite that the minor has obtained the previous consent of his parents, his tutor or his legal representative so that the data of personal character can be subjected to processing by Sybila Producciones, responsible for the database of registered Users.


Sybila Producciones guarantees the reliability and usefulness of services of the Portal within the limits of its technical and operating capacity. Sybila Producciones guarantees the ownership and usefulness of the contents included in the Portal. Particularly, Sybila Producciones also guarantees: The continuity of the services and the availability or accessibility of the Portal or its technical community within the technical capacity of the company, reserving the right to discontinue or terminate the service due to economical, technical or human causes.; The contents offered in the Portal, not the ones generated by the User or Users, are guaranteed by Sybila Producciones. The absence of viruses and similar harmful components in the Portal or the server supplying it is responsibility of Sybila Producciones's hosting service supplier. Sybila Producciones guarantees its greatest effort and implication in the undertaking of the security and invulnerability of the Portal and/or the impregnability of the security measures taken; If applicable, the usefulness and performance of the Portal services; The damage that may be caused, to themselves or to third parties, when anyone infringes the conditions, regulations and instructions established by Sybila Producciones in the Portal or through the violation of its security systems; any other damages that may be caused for reasons inherent to the non-functioning or bad functioning of the Portal or the websites that, if applicable, may be linked, Sybila Producciones declares, however, that it has adopted and will continue to do so, all the necessary measures, incorporating the appropriate security systems, within its technical capacity and the state of technology, to guarantee the functioning of the Portal and avoid the existence and transmission of viruses and other harmful components for the Users. Sybila Producciones does his best to avoid errors in the contents published in the Portal. All the contents offered through the Portal are updated, having Sybila Producciones the power to modify them at any moment. Sybila Producciones is not responsible for the consequences that may arise from the errors present in its own contents or in the ones provided by third parties, that may be in the Portal. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Sybila Producciones S.A. reserves the right to terminate, partially or completely, the services and contents shall it be stipulated by the company management, properly informing the users and the media partners of this service.
Any form of communication, cession of personal keys (user and password) or transmission, duplication or unauthorised public emission of the contents of the Portal, in part or in full, by any User or non-User, natural or legal person, is prohibited.
The violation of this condition of use is considered a grave damage by the User to the intellectual property of Sybila Producciones, who reserves the right to penalize the User, having the possibility to adopt the necessary legal measures to act firmly on any act or form of distribution, sharing or duplication of the content or piracy act, protected by current international laws on intellectual property and the Argentinian Constitution.
Likewise, the incorporation and communication of contents by users which are false or inaccurate and which induce error or may mislead the rest of Users or the personnel of Sybila Producciones, in particular those contents which are protected by whichever intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to third parties, without the authorisation of the content's owner, and which undermine or harm the Sybila Producciones or its brand Lucha Extrema, and which can be considered as illegal, misleading or unfair advertising and which contain viruses or any other electronic element that could harm or hinder the functioning of the Portal, the net, IT equipment belonging to Sybila Producciones or to third parties and/or the access to the Portal by the rest of users, is totally prohibited. Under no circumstances Sybila Producciones will be responsible for the contents displayed in the Portal by the user. The User will be responsible for, including but not limited to, any third party claim arising from the statements or opinions given by the User to the Portal, any violation of industrial or intellectual property rights arising from the contents provided by the User, as well as any illegal intrusion of the right to honour, to privacy and self-image of any person that, if applicable, the User provides to the Portal. The user will be solely liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage, direct or indirect, which may be suffered by Sybila Producciones from the breach of any obligation, prohibition or restriction present in this Disclaimer or in the regulation that arises from obligation and must indemnify and hold Sybila Producciones harmless against any claim, damage, debt, loss, fine, penalty, charge and expense, including reasonable attorney's fees incurred by Sybila Producciones, when such situations arise from the breach, by the users, of such obligations, prohibitions or restrictions.


Except on exceptional cases, governed by the specific terms and conditions of direct or third-based promotions, the user has 30 minutes to ask for the full refund of the cost of the selected product, counting from the date and time of the purchase. The refund of the cost of the product implies the termination of the access to the material, and its contents. Such refund does not necessarily imply, unless expressly requested, the withdrawal of the user's personal information from the user database of Sybila Producciones and its free and paid services. To give effect to such withdrawal the user must apply by writing to the e-mail address of within the time indicated earlier, within the next 30 minutes counting from the date and time of the purchase of the service.

The client interested on the change of level or the refund of the purchase, must include in his e-mail his full name, user name and password, in addition to a logical description of the reason(s) why he does not wish to continue with the hired portal nor he accepts a change to another level, in the case of explicitly asking for the full refund of the purchase, we insist, within the next 30 minutes (as its stated in the last paragraph of point three of this agreement of terms and conditions of use).

In the case of having hired a modality of the portal including access to additional content downloads, Sybila Producciones reserves the right to charge the corresponding costs to the downloads of the available off-line contents in such modality.


Sybila Producciones is the holder of the industrial and intellectual property rights over the contents available on the Portal, including but not limited to, texts, graphic designs, drawings, codes, software, pictures, videos, sounds, audio files, databases, indexes, images, logos, expressions and information and, in general, any other creation protected by any national regulation and international treaty on industrial and intellectual property (hereinafter jointly referred to as the Contents). Except as otherwise provided, all industrial and intellectual rights over the Contents are reserved. The modification, copying, reproduction, public communication, transformation or distribution of part or the totality of the Contents included in the Portal, for commercial or public purposes, are strictly prohibited unless carried out with the prior, express, written authorisation of Sybila Producciones or, if applicable, the holder of the corresponding rights. Likewise, the elimination, evasion, or manipulation of the copyright and any other identifying information of the rights of Sybila Producciones incorporated to the Contents, as well as the technical protection devices, watermarks or any information and/or identification mechanism that may be present, are prohibited. Under no circumstances is the access and navigation of the User on this Portal indicative of any kind of waiver, transmission, licence or total or partial cession of the rights previously stated by Sybila Producciones. The use of the references to names and commercial or registered trademarks, logos or other distinguishing marks, owned either by Sybila Producciones or by third parties, without the consent of such third parties or their legitimate holders, is prohibited. Under no circumstances, unless otherwise stated, is the access or use of the Portal and/or its Contents constitutive of any kind of right over the brands, logos and/or distinguishing marks present in them, protected by Law. Shall the Users provide or integrate contents to the Portal, such contents, as well as the rights that may result from them, will become exclusive property of Sybila Producciones. To this end, the User transfers to Sybila Producciones an exclusive, transferable license of all the exploitation rights over the provided contents, to exploit them more widely, worldwide, by any existing method and for the maximum period of time permitted by national and international regulations on intellectual property. Additionally and in compliance with the laws protecting the rights to honour, to personal and family privacy and self-image, the User authorises Sybila Producciones to attach, publish and share the image that, if applicable, was added to the Portal, for its exploitation under the same terms and conditions stated in this clause. In short, all the material of Sybila Producciones (including its registered logo and trademark) including contents, texts, images, software, audio and video files, documentation, and the website are exclusive property of Sybila Producciones S.A. or their providers. Such material is protected by international laws on copyright, trademark and intellectual property rights. You are not authorised to send, distribute, publish, translate or reproduce, in any way, such material, protected by the laws aforementioned, without the express, written consent of Sybila Producciones.



Sybila Producciones may offer links, directly or indirectly, to websites outside the Portal. The presence of these links in the Portal have informative purposes, not contributing to an invitation to the hiring of products and/or services offered or possibly offered at the linked website, nor it implies the existence of a tie, or business or dependency relationship with the holder of the linked website. In these cases, Sybila Producciones will not be responsible for establishing the general and individual conditions for the use, provision or hiring of these services by third parties and, consequently, will not be responsible for them. Sybila Producciones has neither faculty nor human or technical resources to know, control or approve all the information, contents, products or services offered by other websites that may be linked from the Portal. Consequently, Sybila Producciones will not take any responsibility for any aspect related to the websites that may be linked from the Portal, including but not limited to, its operation, access, data, information, archives, quality and reliability of their products and services, their own links and/or any of their contents, in general. Nevertheless, shall Sybila Producciones learn that the activity or information obtained from those links is illegal, a criminal offence or may affect assets or rights of a third party, they will act with due diligence to delete or disable the corresponding link as soon as possible. Likewise, shall the Users learn about the illegality of activities taking place on these third-party websites, they will have to inform about it immediately to Sybila Producciones for them to proceed and disable the link.


Shall any User, company or website wish to establish any kind of link to the Portal, it must follow these provisions: It must request the prior, express, written authorisation of Sybila Producciones. The link will be targeted to the main page of the Portal, unless as otherwise expressly authorised. The link must be absolute and complete, that is, it must take the User, with one click, to the main page and must span completely all the extension of the screen of the main page of the Portal. Under no circumstances, unless otherwise authorised by Sybila Producciones, can the website containing the link reproduce in any way the Portal, include it as a part of their own web or in one of their frames, or create a browser about any page of the Portal. The website containing the link may not claim in any way that Sybila Producciones has authorised such link, except if Sybila Producciones has done so. Shall the company using the link to the Portal on its web wish to include in the website the brand, name, tradename, label, or any other distinguishing mark of Sybila Producciones and/or from Sybila Producciones, it must have the prior, express, written authorisation of Sybila Producciones. In any case, Sybila Producciones prohibits the use of a link to the Portal from websites containing material, information or contents that are unlawful, illegal, degrading, obscene and, in general, that violate the morals, public order or social norms that are generally accepted, or harm the rights of third parties.


The Privacy Policy is part and parcel of this Disclaimer. You must read and know the Privacy Policy; especially if you provide personal information through the Portal. We ask for personal information in order to offer you a more customised service. We inform you that by accepting the Legal Terms and Conditions you are consenting Sybila Producciones S.A. to incorporate your personal information into their datafiles. Sybila Producciones informs you that the personal information you give will be incorporated to such datafiles in order to provide the hired services, as well as to send publicity and commercial communication by any means, including telematics.


Sybila Producciones reserves the right to change these Disclaimer and/or the specific conditions that, if applicable, were established for the use and/or hiring of the products or services provided through the Portal, as it sees fit or with the purpose of adapting the texts to legal and technological changes, being valid and becoming effective from the publication of the new version in the Portal. The temporary validity of these conditions thereby coincides with their exposure time, until they are totally or partially modified, time when the modified conditions will become valid. Sybila Producciones can terminate, suspend or discontinue, at any moment, without prior notice, the access to the Portal and/or any of its websites, as well as the products and/or services it contains, excluding the User from the rights to demand any kind of compensation. After such termination, the prohibitions, limitations and restrictions of use previously stated in this Disclaimer will still be valid.


Any communication between the User and Sybila Producciones must be sent to Sybila Producciones at the postal and/or e-mail address indicated in this Disclaimer. In any case, the communications from Sybila to the User will be sent to the provided contact information, preferably by electronic means. To this end, the User expressly accepts the use of the e-mail as a valid procedure for the exchange of information and forward communications between and/or with Sybila Producciones.


Headings to the different clauses are merely informative and do not affect, qualify or modify the interpretation of the Disclaimer. Should a discrepancy arise between anything established in this Disclaimer and the specific conditions that, if applicable, may be established regarding the products or services offered in the Portal, the latter will prevail. If any provision or series of provisions of these Disclaimer is considered null or inapplicable, in full or in part, by any competent Court, Tribunal or administrative body, such nullity or inapplicability shall not affect remaining terms and conditions of this Disclaimer or the specific conditions that, if applicable, may have been established. Non-exercise or non-enforcement, by Sybila Producciones, of any right or provision contained in this Disclaimer shall not constitute waiver of them, except with written recognition and agreement by Sybila Producciones.


This Disclaimer and the relationships established between Sybila Producciones and the User, specially the consideration and resolution of any litigation, dissent or difference that may arise, should be governed and resolved in accordance with the Argentinian regulations regarding governing law and jurisdiction. Nevertheless, for cases in which the regulations call for the possibility of the parties submitting to a jurisdiction, Sybila Producciones and the User, with express renouncement of any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, shall submit any controversy and /or litigation to the Courts and Tribunals of the City of La Plata.


Sybila Producciones reserves the right to modify this agreement and any of the conditions that affect the portal The User will be properly informed about these modifications and, should it not agree, it may cancel the subscription by following the aforementioned instructions. Sybila Producciones also reserves the right to modify, temporarily suspend or render the website inoperative at any moment.


Sybila Producciones and Dinero Mail take all reasonable steps to secure your credit card payments. You can pay without worrying, as the card will be charged only the amount you have authorised. Your personal information will be protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), software that prevents such information from being intercepted as they travel through Internet.
The software used by Dinero Mail for the credit card payments through Internet is the best available on the market. Not only it protects the credit card number but also your personal information. Should you find out about a fraudulent charge in the statement of your card, you must inform the company managing your credit card at once and follow their instructions.


The business relationship with the User is limited by the option of the portal hired by the former, being semi-annual or annual. As indicated in the paragraphs above, the User may terminate the purchase of the service at any moment, cancelling the payment of the service and accepting its cessation and the access to the material. However, this agreement will be effective during the time you are using the website and/or you are a member and/or a paid user of Sybila Producciones. The end of a paid subscription is subject to the conditions established in the inscription and charge policy pages of Sybila Producciones. Sybila Producciones reserves the right to terminate the condition of member or paid user of Sybila Producciones by means of a warning e-mail in the case of proving that the User/member has violated this Terms and Conditions. Shall Sybila Producciones terminate your paid subscription -with or without prior notice- due to a non-compliance with the conditions of this agreement or a lack of corresponding payments, you will not be entitled to a refund of the services you used.

Sybila Producciones S.A.